About Us

What is Pink Explosion All About?

Pink Explosion is about a dream. A dream to show women that they can be who they are and become something they never thought they could become. We have been given so many messages on who we should be and how much money we should make but nobody has ever showed us how to be “ME”. Well through strong relationships focused from direct sells of skin care and cosmetics we have found the vehicle that shows women how to make lots of money and still have an attitude of submission. Submission is POWER ladies. A woman has so much power when she is serving in God’s role. My husband will tell you when I depend on him I can have the world. When I show him I don’t need him he drifts far away because he has no purpose if I am not there to protect, cherish and desire. Well if I send the message I don’t need him guess what I get? NOT HIM!! LOL I am going to teach you how to have it all!! The sweetest life you ever tasted and it all starts with building your Mary Kay business and building amazing relationships along the way. Let’s forget the past memories and IMAGINE the most amazing future. My husband and I have a neat saying, Wesley+Elizabeth=WE   It is how we live and we want to take you to the top with us if you will go.

Elizabeth Padgett